How Much Does Iridium Cost per Gram in Precious Metal Recycling?

Iridium, this precious metal, is quite unique as it originates from the depths of space, arriving on Earth through meteorite impacts. Not only is iridium rare, but it also possesses exceptional physical and chemical properties. It is one of the most scarce elements in the Earth’s crust and is also part of the platinum group metals, capable of maintaining stability in extreme environments.

In terms of use, iridium is primarily utilized in various sectors. It is an important component in the manufacture of high-temperature materials, serves as a stable electrical contact in electronic devices, and leads as the main material in electrophysiological catheters. However, the most common application we see is in the spark plugs of luxury cars.
Precious Metal Recycling
Returning to our main concern, how much does iridium cost per gram? I found that the current recycling price of iridium is about 110$ per gram. Why do I emphasize “today”? Because this price is not fixed; it fluctuates due to various factors.

The production and supply situation of iridium is a major factor. Given its rarity and limited output, this directly drives up its price. This results in iridium’s price remaining high even when the prices of most other precious metals are plummeting.